Welcome to Badrtigers Modern Language School!


English Daily English classes with hands-on activities is the best way for students to raise their language to a higher level through complete immersion experience  enhanced through practical English classes that prepare them for the interactions they encounter outside the class in the activities they join as well as through the extracurricular activities.

Arabic Strong Arabic language programs are set to improve the students’ ability to read, write and express themselves using the mother language in a proper way.

Math, Science & social studies are taught using modern methodologies as brain storming, active learning, pair and group work.

French/German:Students are allowed to choose to study one of these two languages. The 2nd language learning starts from KG stage.

Religion & holy Quran: Great attention is given to religion education (Islamic and Christian) beside learning the holly Quran by heart in the school mosque.

Additional curriculum’s: Art, Music, P.E, Computer, Library, Phonics classes, and more.

How is our kindergarten section managed?

Kindergarten section which is totally isolated Kindergarten section which is totally isolated montessori methodology within all learning procedures.

  • Involving the child into teaching.
  • 2- Let the child discover things by himself.
  • 3- Looking becomes reading, touching becomes writing.
  • 4- Help all the kids to learn, plan, succeed and overcome obstacles.
  • 5- Our Task is to let the child discover things by himself.

We are pioneer integrated national schools offering a unique, first class education using international methodologies.Our schools management has a great experience with a wide and extensive history in the field of education that spans for more than 38 years.Our English Language teachers are fluent, expert teachers. They not only teach the students the language as a foreign language but also teach them the language concepts and idioms as they are used in the native countries.

Our health care program is a unique medical system with daily medical follow up during the academic year.

To boost students ‘ability to invent through practicing active learning so as to reach the top of scientific thinking.

To build up a generation of promising tigers able to absorb modern technology of education with the ability to take decision and look so high to the value of being belonging to one’s mother land supported by morals.